Troop 11, Marblehead, MA

Christmas Tree Sale Fundraiser 2020

Troop 11 Christmas Tree Sales will be open for business in 2020!

Opening Sunday, November 29th

Last Day, Sunday, December 13th

Fewer than 25 trees Remain

No longer accepting Appointments - Walk-ins welcome while inventory lasts

Donations accepted at

  • New location - 67 Cornell Road (St. Stephen's United Methodist Church). Click here to find us and see our lot hours.

  • Tree Lot Rules:

    1. Please check in when you arrive.

    2. Browse the selection of trees to choose your desired tree. Masks are required and please maintain social distancing (six feet) from other families, scouts and adult volunteers while you are on the lot.

    3. If you want us to trim some off the bottom of the trunk, place your tree on the saw horses and let us know how much you would like to have removed.

    4. Secure your tree to, or in, your car. We will provide pre-cut pieces of twine for your use to secure your tree. Our preference, in order to maintain social distancing, is that you secure your own tree. If you do require assistance we can help, but ask that no one be in or around your car when we tie the tree to it.

    5. Pay for your tree.

    6. Take your tree home, decorate and have a very merry Christmas!

  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home

  • If the current guidelines at the time would recommend against open lot sales, we will work with customers to find an alternative method of distributing trees for sale.